First Drafts of No Monkeys in the Library

I was thinking to myself over the past couple of weeks and noticed that my first drafts for No Monkeys in the Library are quite different from the published book. I thought that the readers might also enjoy seeing the differences, so below are pictures of the drafts and final version. Also, note that the pictures in the first draft were drawn by me, not Kim. I’m a better author than I am an artist.

Left: First Draft. Middle: Second Draft. Right: Published Copy
Pages 1 and 2 – First Draft
Pages 1 and 2 – Second Draft
Pages 1 and 2 – Published Copy
Pages 3 and 4 – First Draft
Pages 3 and 4 – Second Draft
Pages 3 and 4 – Published Copy

If there’s any other pages you want to see, let me know!