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How Bungle, The Monkey, Came To Be

Sometimes when bad things happen, good things can come from it. That was case when I found the perfect name for the monkey in my book.

Benjamin, my younger brother, was struck with an awful cold that made him miserable. He was around one and half at the time, so a simple cold hit him harder than it would an older person. Although, there was one thing that filled him with joy: watching Curious George on television.

As I walked to my local library from school one day, I racked my brain for some way to make Ben’s day a little bit better. I decided to think through all the things that made me happy when I was his age (or as much as one is normally able to remember from when they were a one year old). I thought for a while, until I finally came to the perfect idea: a stuffed animal. In my opinion, stuffed animals are the best thing to comfort a young kid.

I made a detour from my course to the library and made a quick visit to a pharmacy, that I knew for a fact had stuffed animals, to buy Benjamin the perfect thing to comfort him during his time of distress. Once I arrived, I made my way to a set of revolving shelves filled with a variety of stuffed animals. There were many to choose from, but I knew there was one that he would love more than the rest. In a few short minutes, I bought the stuffed animal and left the store.

This particular stuffed animal happened to be a Beanie Baby. That meant that the stuffed animal came with a name. So, as I sat at the library and waited for my Dad to pick me up to take me home, I peeked at the tag on the stuffed animal. Bungle. “What a good name,” I thought to myself.

And that’s how Bungle, the monkey, came to be.

The stuffed animal that Bungle, the monkey, was based off.

First Drafts of No Monkeys in the Library

I was thinking to myself over the past couple of weeks and noticed that my first drafts for No Monkeys in the Library are quite different from the published book. I thought that the readers might also enjoy seeing the differences, so below are pictures of the drafts and final version. Also, note that the pictures in the first draft were drawn by me, not Kim. I’m a better author than I am an artist.

Left: First Draft. Middle: Second Draft. Right: Published Copy
Pages 1 and 2 – First Draft
Pages 1 and 2 – Second Draft
Pages 1 and 2 – Published Copy
Pages 3 and 4 – First Draft
Pages 3 and 4 – Second Draft
Pages 3 and 4 – Published Copy

If there’s any other pages you want to see, let me know!